Making A Difficult Time Easier

What is Probate?

It's a legal document that is submitted when a person dies, probate is needed before any administration of the deceased's estate can start. It can involve sorting out all claims, distributing assets and making sure all the legal and financial affairs of the estate are in order.

How could I benefit from this service?

Dealing with the administration of an estate can have many responsibilities and it can be a huge strain on loved ones at the time when they will be grieving as probate can be a very complicated process which needs to be completed accurately.

How can the YEPA Probate Service help my family?

We will be on hand to guide your loved ones through the whole process, helping to make things as simple as possible for them during a very emotional time.

With a sympathetic ear our family of experts can help your relatives through all the legal, financial, tax, estate asset and communication duties.

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